Hypothyroidism Revolution Review – THE DURATION OF MENSTRUAL CYCLE

WHAT IS THE DURATION OF MENSTRUAL CYCLE? Many women are concerned, the so-called irregular menstrual cycle, its duration. Let’s be clear, the clear meaning of the term. The menstrual cycle is the time period from the day one month prior to the first day of the next.

Quickly become regular menstruation, only 30% of the girls. The rest of the body spends in a year, and often more. This does not mean, however, that a year later monthly will attack exactly a “put” 28 days! Not necessarily. 28-day menstrual cycle (called Moon) is considered to be perfect Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

But our life perfect, you know, difficult. Periodic stresses, nervous overloads, disease, poor ecology, had nothing for our women’s health is fragile. Any of the above factors can cause menstrual cycle and delay of menses. It is considered a normal menstrual cycle, the duration of which is not less than 21 days and not more than 35 days.

In the data range is the difference in between cycles of no longer than 7-10 days. Other cases are deviation from rules that require a doctor’s intervention. In such situations it is necessary to consult a doctor-gynaecologist, because there may be violations of ovarian function. From 16-18 years old, we recommend that you keep a special calendar of menstrual cycle duration, to monitor monthly. This calendar will provide an opportunity to determine exactly what is the duration of menstrual cycle and its regularity, how long menstrual bleeding, what is their intensity and tenderness.


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