Tom Brimeyer – Signs of periodontal disease

Two points are characterized by bleeding on the contact line between the gingival papilla with teeth. When the content is filled with interdentium index is equal to 3 points. When 4 same points there is bleeding from the gingival papilla, which is quite strong: blood-filled land of the gums and several (2-3) between the teeth. Signs of periodontal disease are only running a stage characterized by loss and teeth.

Tooth mobility is impaired when exposing 1/2 root or more, in other cases, fixing teeth good dental plaque (flying stones) small amount. The main symptoms of gum-baring necks of the teeth (extension of the dental plates) are without gums and inflammation, with wedge-shaped defects. The distinct stages of the disease is complicated by inflammation of the gums is periodontitis. Tom Brimeyer Program

Symptoms of periodontal disease blankly – It develops rather slowly, long does not manifest itself. Patients can observe the unpleasant feeling in your gums, feeling the itch, but to the dentist more often complained of increased sensitivity of the tooth structure is a prime symptom of gum. In General, symptoms of periodontal disease is:

•    Pale gums, lack of inflammatory symptoms.

•    Retraction of the gingiva, cervical, outcrop in the future and the tooth root that looks like “aspect ratio” of the tooth.

•    Bleeding gums.

•    Periodontal disease often is combined with the defeat of the dental tissues on type-erosion of the tooth enamel erosion, wedge-shaped defect.

•    Frequent periodontitis associated with diseases of the cardiovascular system, metabolic and endocrine disorders in the body.


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